Do you look after You?

Where are you on the list of people you look after:

  • Children
  • Parents (or elderly relatives)
  • Friends
  • Partner
  • Colleagues
  • You

We all lead busy lives and at times it just feels like being on a never-ending hamster wheel – it just keeps going around getting faster and faster. People make more and more demands on your time. Shouting at it to slow down just results in it going faster! Do you want to get off the hamster wheel for a while to recharge your batteries?

Looking after yourself and your mental wellbeing is really important – if you are not functioning at 100% you can’t give your time and energy to the important people in your life. Even if you can give yourself 5 mindful minutes a day it will help. Bring some mindfulness into your life and it will help you feel more in control, particularly during those really hectic periods! Contact to start a conversation to find out how we can help you.