Develop a Personal Resilience Toolkit

Some people are more resilient than others and can cope with life’s challenges more easily. But the good news it you can build your resilience and develop a Personal Resilience Toolkit in four simple steps:

Step one: be self-aware
Understand the strengths you have and when and how to use them. The good news is you can easily identify your strengths to help you on your journey to increasing your wellbeing and becoming more resilient.

Step two: positive mind-set
Having an optimistic style is key to resilience and helps us bounce back from set-backs. The good news is you can change your thinking patterns and develop a positive mind-set.

Step three: have great support networks
Having a great network of support is key to strengthen wellbeing and build resilience – you need to know who to turn to in an emergency or who to turn to celebrate your successes. The good news is, you will already have great support networks, you just need to let them know who they are. Remember, just as you rely on others, others will also rely on you for support.

Step four: make things happen
Having plans is a key to great wellbeing and high levels of resilience – but you need to put those plans into action and make things happen! Don’t worry, you are not one your own; your support networks will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

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